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Проект сайта компании «Heaven ENT Networks»

  2009     www.heavennyc.com

Heaven  ENT Network, corp. is the active member of society, we look into how we can help schools and local communities.

Проект сайта компании «Heaven ENT Networks»

We answer calls from large clients who want to have their own power production plant. We work with office building to help them manage their power wiring and optimize power usage. We provide means to save and live in light for the small consumer. Heaven ENT Networks, corp is a member of multiple business and political organizations which made it their responsibility to make this world better place to live.

Состав выполненных работ:

  • разработка дизайна сайта
  • верстка дизайн-макетов страниц
  • программирование (PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS)